The portrait was prepared on the basis of materials found in Kirill's account.
Character traits: sociability and outward orientation of the individual, a wide circle of acquaintances, the need for contacts. Acts under the influence of the moment, impulsive, quick-tempered. He is carefree, optimistic, good-natured, cheerful. Prefers movement and action, tends to be aggressive. Feelings and emotions do not have strict control, prone to risky actions. Belongs to the type - a sanguine person quickly adapts to new conditions, quickly converges with people, is sociable. Feelings easily arise and change, emotional experiences, as a rule, are shallow. Collected, quick-witted; there is abstract thinking. High general mental abilities; insightful, quick grasping; there is some connection with the level of verbal culture and erudition.
The average degree of emotional stability: not always calm and balanced, can be somewhat anxious, easily excitable and overly emotional. rather irritable, ruthless, suspicious, uncooperative, uncompromising. Quite irresponsible, disorganized and undisciplined. Quite sociable, sociable, talkative, assertive and active. Sometimes unyielding and suspicious. It is not always possible to rely. Inclined to leadership. Makes decisions independently; can dominate, does not need the support of others people, independent. Refined, knows how to behave in society. Has a precise mind.
The installation is made of 32 pillars exactly according to Kirill's age. At the top of each column are personal items that the character might have, from a pacifier with children's toys to a razor and a Playboy magazine. The audience was asked to come up with a possible fact from Kirill's biography and write it down in the space of the installation.
To do this, a black marker was attached to each column. As a result, in just a couple of days, all the columns and the pedestal were filled with inscriptions and drawings of the audience. Thus was formed the myth of a digital character whose name became part of the digital history of the Internet.
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22 October - 28 November 2019
In this project, Vladimir Potapov acts as a researcher of the media space, works with the theme of the influence of social. networks and manipulation of public consciousness. The hero of the research is Kirill Blagolepov, or rather the Facebook profile, which is a fake account created specifically for winding up votes, likes and other activities.
The works presented by the artist are based on the visual field of the page, which consists of reposts of other people's publications and photographs.
This project is both a monument to anonymity and an ode to digital avatars posing as human beings. "We have witnessed the emergence of a new entity - digital, which in a short period of its life manages to flare up as an imitation of human consciousness, influence socio-political processes, and turn into digital decay, from which nothing remains. I will perpetuate this replica, find and describe her personality, create a memory of her and make this a household name, "says the author.
Potapov uses holographic film as a basis for painting to emphasize the virtuality of what is happening. In his opinion, the holographic base is of a technical nature and its radiance refers to the light of Tabor. If the icon has a divine and sacred light, then in Potapov's works the light is technocratic, and because of the repeating patterns of the pattern, it is matrix light.
Potapov takes holographic film, this cheap, kitsch material, and illustrates the new digital world with it. His paintings glow with "digital radiation", the picturesque layer breaks through and digital reality flickers under it with a cold glow.
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Kirill had over 100 Facebook friends. An attempt was made to contact each of them in order to ask the question "Do
you know Kirill Blagolepov and how did he become your friend?" Only 5 people agreed to answer the question.
Increase the average bill and potency
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
To wake up famous one facebook morning
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
tag: scary and funny
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
At lunch breaks we make a revolution
oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
Somewhere between the TV and the supermarket
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
From office straight to heaven
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
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152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
Production revolution full cycle
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
Faces of the future that no one noticed
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
Driller Family 2.0
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood, 2019
A great past always has a sad present
152x152 cm, oil, holographic film, wood 2019