2 - Egon Schiele was ready to give two hands for the most beautiful girl and only one hand (right) for art.
1 - Only one painting was sold by Van Gogh during his lifetime.
4 - "Four Seasons" is the name of the restaurant, which Mark Rothko refused to sell his paintings, not wanting to entertain the rich.
3 - Artist Mikhail Vrubel could live on this amount of three rubles a month on water and bread.
5 - Five years Alexander Ivanov planned so much to paint his painting "The Appearance of Christ to the People", but it took 20 years.
6 - Six friends of Modigliani ridiculed his sculpture, after which he took up painting
7 - The seven colors of the rainbow are the roughest and most impermissible rounding for a painter.
8 - For eight minutes, a photon flies from the Sun to the Earth, covering 149,600,000 km to illuminate your canvas.
9 - Gerhard Richter was born on the ninth of February, wish him well!
10 - Ten hours a day lasted Gauguin's working day when he worked as a digger on the Panama Canal.